Each and every person has the right to live…say No to suicide!

A form of oppression that is not categorised as such. As oppression. It is known to be the voluntary death. But why would someone voluntarily take their own life? This is why there are laws about instigating someone to commit suicide. Do not oppress someone to the extent that they think, dying is better than living. Do not oppress at all!

It is often heard about people who commit suicides that they were weak-spirited or cowards. So, they took the easy way out. Contrary to the claims, dying is not easy. Life is such a precious gift that human beings will do anything to preserve it. Have not we heard about people going missing in such places where they did anything to survive. Maybe before that incident, they never thought about life per se or they did not find the life to be worth living and, they found themselves in an environment where they were willing to fight for that very life.

Look at those countries where people do not have anything to eat and they are forced to eat anything they get their hands on. Just to live.

This world can be a better place. Soul searching is unnerving and, not a pleasant experience. It is easy to not dwell on thoughts and keep the selfish side on. But we can hope and, be the first to change. Who invented “dog eat dog world”? You may guess!

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