Nothing new

An old sore, abuse. Abuse breeds abuse.

We have listened to and talked about it over and over again. But what good it has done. It is a never ending cycle.

Abuse is a living, breathing, reproducing being. Yes, it has horns and an ever fire blowing nose. It’s sad. Sad.

Whoever possesses power of any sort or size, even the size of a tear drop over any weak, exercises it. Period. Just because.

Say, NO to abuse!!!

Not by just protesting it, by not tolerating it but also, by not being an abuser. Thank you.

Rules, regulations and legislation…all useless and in vain. Till the basic fabric of society is not mended, till the mind is not treated. This disease of soul is a contagion.

I witnessed a big brother beating his younger sibling due to a bit of water falling on his car. He has anger issues due to abuse suffered at the hands of his mother while growing up. The mother has anger issues due to abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband. The husband suffered the same fate.

Tongues are worse than hands. Brutal.

Talk about homes, talk about schools, talk about offices…markets… national sphere… international…globe!!!

Abuse we witness and cannot do anything about. Soul tearing silence. Shush! Ssshhh…

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