Tough talk

You know, time is precious. In terms of business people talking, time is money. For me, time is learning. We all have heard the phrase, “sands of time”.

There are two most precious things in this world, in my humble but confident opinion; time and Innocence. Of course there are others. Well, innocence is the matter we will have a discourse on some other day.

Today, I find the time to be on my agenda. Now, there are serial time wasters because they can do it. Well their time, their will. And, there are those who have anxiety and depression issues.

The point; I have seen people sitting there in depression, crying over their ruined life and just crying. And, all time spending on their chosen social media medium, just scrolling and scrolling.

Seeing other people’s lives and discussing, what that celebrity is doing or simply going over random videos. Laughing, good.

But lounging all day and laughing… getting even more depressed.

“Look, how happy they are…sigh”

“Look, how successful they are…sigh”

“Look, my life is ruined…”

Watching some more videos and wasting precious time SOME MORE!

Level of depression is higher…

Sighing continues…

The day is gone.

Then, the night comes with its sweet tang of sleep…but the scrolling is consistent.

Sighing continues…

The night is gone.

The morning star shines, and scrolling is over.

It’s time to SLEEP!

I met a CKD patient who has hydronephrosis. The day her condition got diagnosed, she became even more determined to live each day as it comes and enjoy her remaining time on this earth.

She knows, the death is coming…She is dying a bit, slowly and painfully, every day. But she is determined to not get depressed.

If we look around, there are many such examples.

Do something for yourself… wasting time and illegal means, are a perfect way to destroy oneself.

Diamond cuts diamond but doing more depressing things does not cure depression.

When you have nothing else to do, do good. Do something good for others. Be useful. Helpful.

Spend time with yourself. Some time that is just yours. Anyway you like that is not injurious to you. Cut the world off. It cures depression.

Yes, entertainment is extremely important. But it is just a part of life, not life itself. Other people can just console you, they cannot live your life for you. You have to do it!

I feel like an old aunt writing this but what else to do, watching the misery of people.

Influence should be helpful, neither painful nor destructive.

Choose your influence. Carefully.

Stop doing what is wrong and keep the good in your person.

It is okay…it will be okay.

Breathe in, breathe out…

Smile more…laugh some more.

I am doing it. You should try to try too.

Saying is easy but practicing is difficult. Yes, I know. But I am trying to practice it. I have my own story. My own trials. Nobody can help me if I do not help myself.

Now I understand the saying we all learnt in our childhood…

“God helps those, who help themselves.”

So, I do not look at the things those are not any concern of mine or a cause of depression. I know myself. Just block them! If you think, I am a bad influencer…

Block me!!!

Sometimes, We cannot run anywhere. Just stuck in a situation. Until the freedom is attained, channel your thoughts, train your mind to ignore the bad and pick up the good. Survive!

I know, starting over is difficult. Sometimes depression is so severe that all a person sees is blankness, painfully empty mind…’what do I do, How do I start over, Why I am alive, I am worthless, should I die, I should die’.

No, you should live. You deserve to live!

Live and utilise the time to get better.

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