First Rain

First rain-original sound

So, monsoon with “mitti ki soondhi khushbu” and accompanying relief from the blazing summer sun is here. At last! Masha’Allah.

Today, our day started with rainy clouds and the blessed sound of rain. What a morning! Who else knows, how does it feel to sit under the vast blue sky turned dark with the impending rain and, to be the lucky one who gets to enjoy the first drops of this blessing!

The sight to the eyes and feel to the senses is so profound… delicious. Like I am drinking the rain. Falling drops on the ground and seeing them, drawing circles within circles; some small and others bigger, is quite a therapy.

Mind is filled to the brim with the sound of rain. There is no other thought to be found. Except the brain is reading and recording the event; green of the plants looks greener, wet leaves, wet branches, bubbles on the ground- floating, apparent drops on leaves-a testimony of the relief to the parched throats and nerves, drops stuck within tiny compartments of net belonging to the iron door- slipping downwards taking their time till they slither to the ground and meet fallen drops, moving curtain-not shy to enjoy the rhythm of fresh and cool air, one slipper courting muddy water, tea-cup post tea enjoyment from the previous night left on plastic table-now carrying rain-water, my now wet chair sitting under the open sky-crystals stuck to arms and each one reflecting the same scenery, clay pots exhibiting a soothing darker orange brown colour, neighbor’s coming outside in a hurry to witness the first rain awoken from a deep slumber-not a morning person in daily life and me.

Me, inhaling the scene. This rain is my prayer answered. A soul cleanser.

It is the time to pray. For Muslims, it is an opportunity to pray, traditionally. The prayer is said to be answered. But anybody can pray.

For some people, rain is a moment of depression. But it is about choices, my epiphany. The time can be whatever we opt it to be; depression or relief. This is for those who are privileged enough to have choices. Who choose to be ungrateful for blessings, they have.

Rain is a difficult time for a fraction of society. Heat is a complication too. These are the people who have the bulk of reasons to complaint. Homeless and in pain. Some with dripping roofs. Some without even a resting mat. But I have found them with smiling lips, laughing faces, kinder words, gentle orientation, lively disposition, and humble carriage.

Maybe problem is not the real problem but our impatience and ungratefulness. Or our input to the world is flawed. The psyche. There are issues we need to resolve within our basic frame. To live, not just bear the life.

The rain stopped and, has started again. A new beginning!

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