Tea or Coffee

A vote can decide the victor!

What would you like to have in the beautiful evening of a magical mountain valley; Tea or Coffee?

Drowning, not in the shame or sea, just in the morning peace and enjoying my beloved tea, an inspiration drove me to get up and grab my mobile. To my dismay, I had forgotten to turn on the power (it has happened to you as well, right?). It was in the process of performing his own (I think, mobile is living, and a male…my brain works in mysterious ways, I know) last rites.

I hurriedly did the right thing, turned on the oxygen, and it survived. Thank you Allah ta’ala g! After showing quick gratitude, I started doing what made me stand up in the first place.

Tea or Coffee?

I am not going to go back in time and start delving into their respective father and mother.

A vote can decide!

We can have a free, transparent, and fair election right here.

It is a tie between both, I think. Some people have a preference, and some are in love with one of them. Others can take both because it does not hurt them to do so. Lucky they.

My vote is for both;

Tea: 1 Coffee: 1

What do you say?

Vote for your love. They need your much-needed support.

Thank you.

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