Silver Jubilee

(My father’s favourite)

This is all courtesy of my lips and all the copyrights
All the beguiling mystery and wonder some might
The curve and stretch, the lines and grooves
And hidden white shells, secret of twitch-in the lips.

The day I married you, my luck was having a break
Tissues in the pockets and snowflakes in the washer
Socks on the floor and snoring in the night
When mother has a heart to heart with my father.

The portray, of his face of keen concentration
Of the deep wonder, intelligent conversation
Like opera in the setting and, she work of the art
Or a scholar’s spiel, the scientific demonstration.

The words of adoration keep flying from her lips
Bullets, arrows, stones and the bricks
The firm plant of his feet, spectacled narrowed eyes
The calm persona and senses on the mute.

The brain in cricket mode and dwelling on the score
And thinking on the speech of political nomination
The job gone wrong and the sleep to come
And goes on scene with her protestation.

A silent passer-by, my eyes on the book
Ears on the play and lips on the move
Her back to my front, I face the prosecuted
Besparkled eyes! Secret of twitch-in the lips.

Left the tomato, the onion and bell peppers
Vitamin C epitome, the dome of the health
All but devoured the Solanum tuberosum
Kingdom of plantae, phylum Spermatophyta.

The cause of belly fat, you have to keep it flat
Discard tu cabbage and hate the green peas
Abstaining thyself, what thou tell thy patients?
Suicide and self-destruction, è la grande tragedia!

His speed too fast, for her satisfaction
Chewing times thirty two, small bites verdict
You child in the guise and autumn of the life
To merry go round with grand generation.

Addiction of laddu, amorous to any confection
The future diabetes and beautiful hypertension
Afraid of green chillies, aversion to pulses
Too long tea bag in the cup, to her frustration.

A silent table mate, my eyes on the plate
Ears on the play and lips on the move
Her seat to my right, I face the prosecuted
Besparkled eyes, secret of twitch-in the lips.

The day I married you, prediction of thunder
You were that black cloud, big flood to come
To groom your stupid’s self with all my might
Sweat a fool’s paradise, now you are dumber.

A belle on the toes, a Tansen in the court
Pirouetting, blending, meeting, ensoul
Like she the Mona Lisa on the backwards bend
Danse du ventre and he the enslaved artisan.

The look on his face of unspoken rapture
Gifted world the off springs exactly like you
Wails her en route, I am the wicked witch
Mere blob you, think they the perfect father.

Countenance resignation, martyr bearing
Eyes on the queen, his infinite patience
Her the Judge, jury and executioner
Him the ultimate error, utter devastation.

Rear view mirror, alters to microscope
In depth foraged future, scavenged biography
Ashes of two decades and five years
You are exactly like your father, her exclamation.

A silent front passenger, his eyes on the mirror
Ears on the play and lips on the move
Besparkled eyes! He faces the prosecuted
Inner merriment, Secret of twitch in his lips.

© 2021 ASNworks. All Rights Reserved.

P.s. dedicated to all old married couples…I laughed whole time writing this. It may make laugh you too…My father loved it! These are just quarrels of love.

This one was just for my personal amusement but I am sharing it.

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