Rejection stands aface

resilience comes afore

Defies the surrender

It is okay

I keep moving

and always find my way

I am running water

I break stones

I seep through floors

and still keep flowing

It is merely your loss.

Running water is an apt word that combines it all, survival, resistance and, resilience. Is not rejection a universal word without boundaries? It is Human! Human is made up of resilience after the blood. It is in the bones to survive.

What is a pandemic? Start tapping the map and the outcome will show that homelessness is a pandemic like CORONA. Do these people after losing homes kill themselves? No.

Hurricanes and droughts, floods and hunger, famines and locusts, and blood sucking wars. Broken relationships. Tortured minds.

We pray for the victims of raging fires in Turkey and Greece.

We pray for the beseeching people of Africa dying in civil wars.

We pray for the Nature suffering at the hands of humans.

We pray for the broken hearts.

We pray for the victims of cruelty.

We pray for the peace.

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