Time trumpeting a war

written in blood the days,


Comrades falling, lost

meant they to charity,


The terror rider it who be

the invader cried death,


Of blood to please monster

the tale of old and ancient,


The bride stares at the door

still moving back and fro,

in sight.

keep your hands adorned

with the henna of my name,

my life.

Cry not my love just wait

for me, the duty calls and

she smiled.

Echo his footsteps, fragrance

scents air, Sees him donning

gear, still eyes.

Melody of my return it is

just come to the door when

the bell chimes.

Runs to the melody

and the henna Touches,

beloved died.

He left his new bride

just married yesterday,


This poem was written as a tribute to fallen soldiers and families who make sacrifices to protect their countries. Henna signifies the colour of those sacrifices.

People who do not know what Henna/Mehndi is, this is a tattoo paste used by women to beautify their hands.

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