Do not die!

Just to beat them, mock them and come out victorious, do not die!

This is what a victim of suicide must be thinking before they end their life.

Let the inducer, the one forcing you to think about it and who has not just physically put the pills in your mouth or pull the trigger or cut your wrist or push you from the edge of a cliff but done it all and more, emotionally.

Let them grind their teeth and, pull hair in frustration when they do not get what they were pushing you to do. Do not die!

Take revenge by simply just living some more. Do not let them win by giving what they were looking for. Do not die!

Sit with pride and your neck tight. With self-assurance and will to survive. Do not die!

This is how we avenge our pain and suffering. This is how we honour our tears. The pillows stuffed with them and thorns. Lying under our head with memories mourn. But live and make them pay by incessantly living. Do not die!

The worth of you do not seek in their eyes. They are shorn of worth like a barren land of thousand years, how they can bestow what they are without. They are darkness personified. Do not die!

They carry darkness like a crown. Like Kohinoor guarded by a snake. You ask them for the light to cover your shape and to lit the candle in the night. Do not die!

Honour yourself, cherish and keep on putting the right foot and then left and right and left and, marking the path of your life with strong footsteps. Do not die!

Are you going to gift them your precious soul?

You have the power and you have the right.

Do not die!

Each and every person has the right to live…say No to suicide!

According to World Health Organisation, 700000 people die by committing suicide annually and that is a person every 40 seconds.

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Spread this message of resilience and survival in support of this effort to stop suicide. Someone may need to hear these words. We may save somebody’s life. They may not be our loved ones but could be of others’.

What goes around, comes around.

And whoever saves a life it is as though he has saved the lives of all mankind. (5:32)

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