Oh no, the Almond is bitter.

He was sitting there fuming at someone for saying a word not approved by him in advance. Now tell me, how a person may get into somebody’s mind, use the torch within the dark recesses to find the right word. They say, brain is the most complicated organ of the body that is comprised of mostly water. The other issue would be to wear diving gear if one had to go in the water to search the right WORD. Better eat supplement pills before starting the endeavour.

That makes me remember a song, (I can only assume everybody liked it back then) written by Gibb Barry Allan and Gibb Maurice Ernest. They were right about words. Cogent and potent like those powerful armies who do not have to break the fort’s door in taking over, just throw themselves at the opponents. You will see sky scrapping fires, hurricanes, thunderstorms, volcano eruptions and tsunamis altogether. And, they will be razed and levelled to be one with earth. Their ashes, the colour of night and dust, will disperse in the air and fly with it. Do not get deceived by wholesomeness while looking at humans.

He was a successful entrepreneur but success is a lonely affair. Cynicism and mistrust are two ingredients that take their nourishment from success exactly as an infant does. They keep themselves up at a pedestal of superiority either intentionally or unintentionally. Unintentionally is the dangerous one. The possessor does not realise that he carries this superiority complex around and, burden other non-assuming people with its weight.

The back story of success is like coding. You do not want to open the code-sheet, just enjoy the beautiful presentation. Success may seem beautiful from afar but it is a lonely statue who is arrogant in its bearing. It is like that almond you put in mouth for pleasure but turns out to be bitter. The person carrying the burden of success will protest the usage of this word ‘arrogance’ but they can be forgiven for doing so. Realisation and arrogance do not sit together for an evening meal often.

When they reach that pinnacle, an inherent sense is born that keeps voicing in their mind, ‘everybody is out to take advantage of you’. Human level is lost in the smog of success and they become the biggest killers of optimism and self-respect of others around them. Then, the success does not seem worthy of achievement to me if it turns a human being into an insensitive and, cruel beast.

Humility and humiliation, how close they are to each other. It is such a soulful combination and contrast of words, exactly opposite but together. Either we adopt one or the other. Can they live together?

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