Life is just that…

Life is the name of tosses and turns, cracks in an oil painting left under the sun.

Skin burgeoning on hand touching a burning pot, life is just that sip of tea on my tongue.

And that first hint of the flavour of not so hmm delicious and savoury to taste, summer jumping the fence oh no! welcome.

And that rain of the gone winter and prayed for in every coming tomorrow on the run.

The falling rose and the steady wait of the new one, life is just that falling night and rising sun.

Life is just that lost lover we never met, long to see and brood over melting candle that forever burns.

The shadow that walks with me and the reflection appearing on the greasy glass of a sidewalk.

And dispersing specks in the yellow rays of that floating dust.

Life is just that tired in-drawn breath of pain and regret, story of some broken dreams I cried over, nurturing of new ones.

Some have seen it and who has really touched it? Life is just that fragment of imagination.

© 2022 A. S. Nasir. All Rights Reserved.

Thank you for reading.

Published by SolaceJoint

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