In the name of Love: Part 2

Heer was a classically beautiful girl and came from a traditional household  where family always came first. A man could come to ask for the hand of a girl in marriage from her elders but it was utter disrespect what Ranjha did. Still she became his in name and all and sundry got the news that a marriage alliance had been fixed between Ranjha and Heer.

Heer’s parents had a farm in their village and they lived hand to mouth on their meagre earnings. Ranjha was the son of a government official on a high post and his permanent residence was in the city. At the age of 21, he got himself engaged uncaring of what everybody else would think about his actions. Their parents were wise and acted in a controlled and calm manner or it could have become a disaster of tsunami scale. Heer went back to her home with her parents and life went on.

‘So, when they are coming for Heer?’

A relative in the village was asking Heer’s mother as it had been 2 years since the evening of vocal and dramatic engagement. She was becoming increasingly worried as the time passed and people asked about the impending nuptials. It was the community where everybody knew everyone.

‘Was it ever going to happen?’

She could not help but think that. Her daughter was now 19 years old and in love but she was more concerned about her daughter’s honour. Everybody knew how Ranjha had behaved and it was not good publicity for Heers’s name. The groom to be was not behaving very well as she had heard from Ranjha’s mother. They both were friends and talked frequently over the phone, it was the hot topic of discourse and the news was not good.

Ranjha was going back on his word and refused to marry Heer. He had ended up shocking everyone again. When asked the reason for refusal, he simply announced that it was a mistake on his part and Heer was not his choice anymore.

Ranjha’s mother was angry over his insolence.

‘A mistake, you say?’

‘Mother, I am mere human and humans are prone to make mistakes. What is the big deal?’ Ranjha said shrugging his shoulders.

The gesture made his mother annoyed as it was disrespectful of him in her sight.

What are you thinking granny?

Please tell me a story?

Are you listening? 


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