Rejection stands aface resilience comes afore Defies the surrender It is okay I keep moving and always find my way I am running water I break stones I seep through floors and still keep flowing It is merely your loss. Running water is an apt word that combines it all, survival, resistance and, resilience. IsContinue reading “Resilience”

Tough talk

You know, time is precious. In terms of business people talking, time is money. For me, time is learning. We all have heard the phrase, “sands of time”. There are two most precious things in this world, in my humble but confident opinion; time and Innocence. Of course there are others. Well, innocence is theContinue reading “Tough talk”


Each and every person has the right to live…say No to suicide! A form of oppression that is not categorised as such. As oppression. It is known to be the voluntary death. But why would someone voluntarily take their own life? This is why there are laws about instigating someone to commit suicide. Do notContinue reading “Suicide”