They were sitting in the car, waiting for their burgers. The server came with their order.

“At last! Thank God! I am so hungry”. Shiza exclaimed loudly.

Shiza and her three cousins started eating their favourite fast food which they had bought from a famous food outlet.

Suddenly, she threw away the burger through the open window. Neelum, her maternal aunt’s daughter, shrieked in horror. “What did you do, Shiza?”

“oh, I didn’t like the burger. I will eat something else.”

“So, you threw the burger?”

“so what! what’s the big deal?”

Neelum could not utter a single word in shock.

Shiza rolled her eyes in annoyance and turned her head to look out the window.

A child was sitting there on the road and eating something fast. Like a starving person. He was dirty all over. His face had not seen the water in months.

Her burger was gone.

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