Some people are just negative. They have a negative psyche, negative perception, and negative vibes like those thorns on a Lemon plant. You grab the plant and they hurt you. There are two types of negative personalities.

The first category belongs to those who hate everyone. Sometimes, hating everyone is a hobby or a protective gear. A defense. People with such personalities typically have a bitter and harsh tone. But it is not a universal truth.

Because some people get softer, mild and calm. They become the best listeners and talkers, what we call interpersonal skills. People want to be in their company, keep talking to them and remain in the presence of their gentle aura.

There are subcategories of negative legends. First-who has universe sized ego that possesses space over further beyond on all sides. They are always right and can do nothing wrong in this lifetime. Second- those who randomly select and target a punching bag and, hate it with passion. They practice the artillery skills on it just to sate their inferiority complexes, jealousies, manias, phobias and, the mean streak. To everyone else, they are brighter than the sun and sweeter than white sugar. People who use cane sugar know, white sugar is sweeter and less healthy.

This is their mad side of split personality. The dark side. In daily life, they will be good, smart, passionate, creative and, sweet individuals. If you ask them, why they behave like this to a particular person, their simple answer will blow your mind away. “The punching bag is the bad one. They are provocative and make me hate them. They ask for this. They deserve this. If they had not done this, I would not have behaved like this. Do not ask me, ask them to mend their ways. Punching bag chose to be a punching bag.”

They put the blame on their victim for hate and jealousy. Generally, the order of things is reverse. First comes jealousy and then, hate. They will hate anything and everything about the victim because they have developed a side corner separate neuron for them. “This person is bad.”

The reality is, they are like predators waiting to pounce on their prey. When they have adopted this mindset and cemented it in their thought process, nothing the victim will do change their mind about them. And, everything, even a random loud step or a higher-pitched voice will be taken in the negative light. This is a maze of assumptions and perceptions. (Muslims are forbidden to assume and presume).

Even a thing done sweetly, sympathetically, empathetically, with love and care will be taken in a negative context. They will be writing a letter to the victim and their hand will wish to write, “sincerely…with hatred and contempt”. It is their choice, wish and addiction to hate a particular person. It gives them crunchy and Demerara eating pleasure like their favourite candy slowly melting on the tongue or the scent of coffee savoured by a coffee lover or the first bite of cake enjoyed by taste buds and, an outlet to release their negativity in secret. And, they want to keep doing it. Because if they change their mind, they will have to accept the wrong within their frame that they are not always right.

Here, I am challenging that negativity breeds negativity.

Newton’s third law of action and reaction is not always true in the emotional world. It is just for the subject he petitioned for.

If you know such a person and cannot figure out the cause of their negative attitude and actions towards you (in case, you have not done anything wrong), if they have created imaginary wrongdoing of yours, then the fault is not yours but theirs. Help yourself by leaving them alone. Because these individuals have an albatross around their necks. Mind conditioning maybe takes one moment but changing it is impossible, mostly.

Do not let yourself get caught in the trap of annoyance, crafty behaviour, swearing, cursing, hate, abusive attitude, bullying and smashing others if not with hands then words. It is a no go area like drug addiction. A swamp.

It could be a spur of moment, a justified retaliation or a day of anger but let it remain that. Move on!

The swamp not only destroys others but you. You are the first victim! But the fundamental question is. ‘do you have any right to destroy others?’

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